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Dealer Charges for Repair

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I have a 02 deville base with 100,000 miles. Just had $2700 repairs two weeks ago and just got back from dlr with another $573.83 repair.
The dlr replaced pn 88964168 front wheel bearing. The dlr charged 2.6 hrs @ $91.90 per hr. They said it was .6 hr for diagnose. I basically told them it was hummin while drivin and steering whl was hummin on left turn.
Anyway how can I check to see what the book hours on this job is.
Also is a diagnose charge acceptable?
When I had it in 2 weeks ago they did the same job on the driver side for 1 hour of labor.
Any input would be helpful.
P.S. Car drives nice now. I wish I could work on it myself!
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Diagnostic charge is rather common I think. Don't know what the book is on a hub & bearing assembly, but if they did the same job on the other side for 1 hr. I'd certainly bring that to their attention.
Definitely ask them why there's a difference. I think the book is around 1 hr. If you really need to know I can look it up on Alldata. I don't like the diag charges either but the book allows them to charge it as it is actually outlined as a separate charge.
Hub & bearing labor on front is 1.3 Hrs. Should of been the same for both. Like Ranger said "I'd certainly bring that to their attention." Or ask for the name of the Tech that did the first job in an hour. Then say you want him to work on your car from now on. :)
Meet with srv mgr politely. Remind him that you were happy with price of first repair and expected second to be in same price range.

As Confusius says: "Whoever speaks next, loses!!"

If you do not abuse srv mgr, he will likely respond in your favor. Might even consider asking for shop credit. (Businesses do not like to give cash back.)

If he feels you are dealing with him on the level, he will respond appropriately. I have been in this situation. I asked for shop credit. Over next couple of months, I bought a key, had A/C fixed, etc. Also took them some of the world's best jalapeno burgers and greasy fries.

I occasionally take them some ice cream, and they return small favors to me. (They give me plenty of free advice that many dealers won't give you.)
Heres the e-mail I sent and I also sent a copy in the mail

Thank you once again for your professional service.
My 2002 Cadillac is now driving much better.
I am still concerned regarding the charges on Invoice 15234 dated 6/19/07.
2.6 hours seems quite high for the repair on my passenger side wheel hub.
This repair was previously done on drivers side on invoice 15087 dated 5/30/07 for 1.0 hours.
Can some accomodation be made so I feel better about this?
Perhaps you can recheck the book for the hours.
My sources tell me its 1.3 hours for the job.
Look forward to hearing back from you.
heres the reply

Normally we do get 2.5hrs to replace a wheel hub on a Cadillac. The first time we replaced the hub (and the first mistake made on our part) on your car my Service Manager was dispatching and, as I informed you when you were here the last time, actually shorted the tech on the time we normally get for that work (including the diagnosis time). Not only that, he did not include the diagnosis charge associated with the work performed so right there the work was performed less than your sources normal "book" time shows as well as work performed with no diag charge. (also keep in mind that book time does NOT reflect diagnosis time performed)

The second wheel hub that was replaced included the labor time as well as the diagnosis time hence the reason for the time charged and the difference noted between the two.

Does anyone know what the labor and diag to repl wheel brg on 02 base deville?
Hey codewize can you look the labor time up for me on alldata?
Wheel Hub
Front Suspension
Hub & Bearing
One Side 1.1 1.3
Both Sides 1.8 2.1
The first time is warranty time, the second would be COD.
I'd say they did short themselves on the first one, and made up for it on the second.
There could be extenuating circumstances that would add to diagnostic time.
HAHAHA sorry Mac1USA1 not laughing at you but with you. I hate mechanics and dealers god they must think people are made of money. Get you the Haynes manual from autozone and start doing the work yourself you will find it is not that hard and the manual shows you step by step.

To bad your not in my area I could have help you out.
Nobody likes their job everybody likes their hobby. A bottle of wine and gimme golf balls have worked fine for me.
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