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Dropped the exhaust this weekend in order to replace one of the rear diff bushings that was causing all the clunking and found that my driver's side cat had about a 3" size hole through the honey comb material.

It took about an hour to finish gutting both cats and so far I have not had a check engine light but for those that have gone this route did you have to get the O2 sensor delete harnesses?

As far as the bushing change out on the rear diff that was a major PITA. It took me pretty much all of Saturday to get the bushing changed, and rotors swapped out. But it was all worth it because the car drives as good as new once again. No more clunk everytime I press in the clutch or give it gas.

Also, after changing out the X pipe to the resonator I was really happy that the drone was gone but missed the deeper sound. Now with the cats gone it sounds a little deeper and still no drone.
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