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daytime running light LED replacement

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Does anyone happen to know if the 3157 bulb is what I need on an '02 base Escalade. I went to and the recommended DRL bulb they sent was a 880 socket and it does not fit at all. They said it should be the correct bulb but I told them clearly it was wrong since in no way did it fit into the socket. I told them I believe I need a 3157 bulb but they said they did not believe that would fit, but from my research and appearances, that appears to be the bulb I need. Any help would be appreciated so I can get these bulbs returned and the correct ones sent to me. Thanks guys!
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yes 3157 or 3156 will work it is the same socket as your blinkers and backup light and i got a set of leds from and they work flawless and no hazing of the lens due to heat the 4114k is just a beefed up version of the 3156 but it still the same just different number
yes it will work i run 3157's in mine and it looks great and works with no worries about the bulb blowing or only lasting about 100 hours like the silverstar bulbs just go on and pick out which kind and style you want i went with the single 3 watt led works great and looks really good
no i have seen a 02 there is one at a used car dealer not far from where i live and i stopped and looked look at it and it is the the same as my 03 they did this to fool people when all gm did was use a 3157 socket and made the supplier make a different number for a 3156 just make a extra buck i know my uncle used to work for gm and he even said that the sockets are the same even on other gm trucks and suvs and he has a 99 gmc 1500 pick-up

just try a 3156 or 3157 bulb in the drl socket and you will see what mean and if it don't work you can prove me wrong i have pics of the leds in mine if you want me to send them to you just let me know btw i used 3157 because it is a little brighter then the 3156 if you want picture proof that they just let me know and
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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