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Dashboard Flickering Lights??

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Hello All

I have been having a problem with my dashboard lights.

When I am driving, all the lights on the dashboard, flicker on & off!! Anyone else have this problem???
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Yes I do as well. The dealer has replaced the body control computer and it has not fixed the problem. Mine flickers about once every 5 seconds, worse on bumpy roads. I've tunred the dimmer way down and it isn't as irritating. I need to find another dealer.
wow! once every 5 seconds?? Thats a lot!
Mine only does it like once a week for like 1 minute!

My brother is Shop Foreman at our Cadillac Dealer here, so he has my entire dashboard apart! He will find the problem! I will let u know when he fixes it & the outcome!!
I plan on making a video as they can't seem to find a problem during the day.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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