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Dashboard and roof

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Hi to everyone.

I own a 1976 Cadillac Calais and I need a couple of suggestions.

First one. I got some cracks on the dashboard. I think it can be a quite diffuse problem in cars which have been staying in very sunny parts of the world. Do exist some products for repairing, or at least minimize these cracks?

Second one. I am looking for a good product for cleaning and preserve the vinyl roof (white). Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot and sorry for my poor english:worship:

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Dashboard cracks are common on these older Cadillacs, there really isn't anything you can do other than replace the dash pad. You can find new dash pads on amongst other places. Usually they come in black or white then you dye them to match your interior.

Here's a good link about caring for your vinyl top. It also covers cloth roofs, but we know you have vinyl.

There's several products out there for dressing the vinyl, I like to use "Natural shine" by Meguiars. It comes in a clear red bottle and leaves a nice, low gloss, protective shine.

thanks a lot for your reply!

I was able to find that product even here, in Italy, so I won't have to pay expensive shipping and custom duties. :thumbsup:

As soon as it arrives I will try it but I am sure it will be ok.

I didn't understand the part about the dashboard. I know that I can find a used one, maybe not of the same colour, but I didn't know it was possible to paint it. Would I need special kind of varnish?? :bigroll:

Thanks again for your attention.

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Glad I was able to help.

About the dashboard, there's several places you can get special vinyl/plastic dye, some people here have had very good results. Here's one of the sites that sells it.

That should work, but I'm not sure if you could get it to Italy. A lot of automotive stores will also have a spray on "paint" for vinyl & plastic. Most good places will be able to order a can in your desired color.

Of course it would be ideal to have one in the right color to begin with, but if it's not possible, the options I listed should help you out. Some colors are easier to match than others.
As Benny the Zilla noted, Meg's usually makes fairly decent over-the-counter ("sopra il contatore") products. I would also recommend a product called 303 Aerospace Protectant for anything rubber, vinyl and plastic on a car. It has mild cleaning abilities, and protects against damaging UV rays from the sun, industrial pollutants and such. I use it on both my cars for the dash, door panels, rubber weatherstripping, and what little plastic there is. Highly recommened.

I believe their web site is

really looks like if I found the right place where to obtain good suggestion!:thumbsup:

Thanks a lot! You both have been very kind. I will probably be back very soon because my car needs some works so.........


I got the natural shine, finally!
Instructions are not very detailed. Do you have good suggestion for a good use of this product Benzilla?
Instructions say that I just need to spray it on the roof, nothing else. But, how can I get the dirt off then??? :suspect:
Would it be working for external rubber parts too??
Thanks a lot
Sorry it took me so long to get back with you. I wasn't able to post for a week.

If the top is REALLY dirty, you'll want to clean it with an all purpose cleaner and a brush first. The natural shine is more of a conditioner to restore luster and preserve moisture. It will work on all vinyl, plastic and rubber parts. You can used it on interior panels too, engine hoses, weather stripping, you name it!
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