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Dash Warning Lights

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So I had to share a funny story. I had posted in the past about none of my warning lights working on the dash. The last owner had installed some aftermarket radio and I just assumed something got screwed up because there were wires hanging from under the dash. WELL...I was detailing the car inside and out for a car show I was going to and I decided to stand on my head and get under the dash to fix some of the hanging wires. I was staring straight up at the fuse panel and I saw one marked gauges. I thought this was strange because I have no gauges other than the fuel gauge (and speedometer). Then it hit me. Maybe it was just a blown fuse. I didn't think they would all be on the same circuit but while laying upside down staring at the fuses I figured I might as well pull it and see. The fuse looked questionable so I went to my local auto parts store and bought a pack. Upon returning home I put in one of the new ones and started the Caddy. The dash lit up like a Christmas tree and I felt like a kid at Christmas. All this time I was assuming the worst (because that seems to be how my luck runs with working on cars) but I have a good friend who is a mechanic and after I told him this story he explained the K.I.S.S. principle to me. For those of you unaware of the term: Keep It Simple Stupid. Thanks for reading and one day I will get pictures of the beast posted on here.
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:cool2: Spending quality time with your automobile can be a very rewarding experience :cool2:
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I might have the same issue, im not a pro on electrical issues especially while dealing with the glass tube fuse.
My cruise control isnt lighting up along with the antenna, should i check my fuse?
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