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Dash Electronics pulsing and failing

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First the facts: a 1994 Cadillac Seville STS
Now the symptoms:

1) No digital displays at all although the controls and gauges seem to work
2) Ocassionally the gauges (tach, gas gauge and speedometer) seem to pulse with the engine, when in they are possessed...sometimes I also get the extreme blower effect (the blower motor goes full blast and all gauges die)...

I have replaced all fuses with news ones (mini's and maxi's). I have checked the relays to make sure they are seated right. I have disconnected the battery and let it sit for 20 mins...

Anyone seen this? Could it be a RAP relay? Are there two of them, one in the trunk and one under the hood under the maxi-fuses?

I did try to put the computer in diag mode but I get a weird non-reading...

So any ideas? I cant get the computer up and running to get diags so I have to go about this piece meal...any diag clues are welcome

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