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Dallas/Ft. Worth Hooters Meet (JUNE 8)

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Hello all DFW area V's, it's time for a June meet. Saturday night June 9th (EDIT) (8pm-midnight) there will be "Ft. Worth Hooters Midnight Madness". We would like to have all of us enter the show ($10) and try to pull in the trophy for the largest group entry. Last time we got 5 V's, this time I'd hope we could get at least 10 of us together. Rumor has it that 13 is the record, not sure if we can get close to that but lets try.
Not that its incredibly accurate, but the forecast seems to be clear for that weekend!
Let me know what you all think.
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I'm in for sure.. Boobies!! I mean wings!!!! :LittleB: Ft Worth may be a little far for some but i think a few guys had to drive from Ft Worth last time so this should even things out.
Oh man they should call it the Benbrook Hooters! 48 miles from home..... I'm still in but damn.... Not too far from Kennedale's 1/8th mile strip if anyone wants to beat up on some rice that day. Oh and it's June 9th, not the 8th right?
Re: Dallas/Ft. Worth Hooters Meet (JUNE 9)

Yeah...thats a little drive for me too...I live downtown Dallas now. Oh should be fun. It is on the 9th...I'll try to fix the thread. Good catch!
Count me in. When and where do we register at?
i will actually be flying into dallas that day to pick up my buddy's bike to ride back to austin. (he's leaving for iraq :( )

anywho, i won't have the v, but i may be able to swing out there to meet some of ya'll crazy ****ers :)
I'm arriving in Dallas the 7th for a Corvette 50th Anniversary Edition get together. We should have 25 +/- 50th AE Corvettes. If we weren't going to Billy Bob's that evening I'd show up. :confused:

Hope you guys win :thumbsup:
Billy Bobs?!! Woo dawgy! haha sounds fun. I think we can just register there, just need to show up a little earlier so we get the good parking spots...
I'll try and make this one. It is pretty close to where I am.
see you guys there. Hopfully i'll get my exhaust put on that morning.
CTS2NV must not be able to get online because i don't see his post saying he'll be there!!!! You going CTS2NV? It's right off 820, not too far from Saginaw...
work work work..... Naw i'll be there. Gonna give the car a nice detail and wax on sat.:yup:
I will be out of town thru that Sunday, so unfortunately I am out on this one. If for some reason plans change, I'll be sure to let you guys know.
work work work..... Naw i'll be there. Gonna give the car a nice detail and wax on sat.:yup:
Have you ever done a clay bar? I really think it would work wonders for my antique '04 What kinda of wax do you use?
No i havn't done clay bar. I want to learn, but don't know anyone that has time to show me. So i'm thinking of letting these guys do some work on it . Looks like they do all the high celeb cars in DFW. Unless some know a cheaper place. I've been trying the Eagle 1 nanowax. Dont see much of a difference or am i expecting too much ?
i would love to get a detail done but it rains every f'in day in Dallas it seems.
My car has NEVER been this wheels look like David's (CTS2NV). Screw powdercoating...break dust and the weather take care of it for free!
Where's CIWS?
I was wondering the same thing, he loves Hooters! :)
i'm thinking of letting these guys do some work on it
I actually called those guys today. Once the rain gets out of the forecast i think that would be a great investment!
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