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D3 springs (squeaking/creaking) ?

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I was under the impression that D3 has a fix for the squeaking on their lowering springs . They have a nylon sleeve that you wrap on the top of the front springs to eliminate the noise. If you haven't requested these sleeves contact D3 so they can ship them out. If anyone has installed the sleeve's and still has noise issues please chime in. I will contact them to make sure this issue is resolved. BTW i have no affiliation with D3.
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IMHO, would strongly recommend requesting enough material to sleeve both "top and bottom of the front springs"...that was/is "the fix" for me.

I created a thread for this very issue on my experience with same. The sleeving material is a high quality synthetic/nylon based material and resists abrasion to affectively do it's job of quieting the squaeks made form the interface of the spring and upper and lower shock mounts/perches. If you've got it, a light coating of white grease on the bottom of the contact surface of sleeves while you're in there wouldn't hurt too, but not necessary.
When giving a good ass whipping/flogging to the V Coupe or on my prior V sedan I don't/didn't experience any "undesirable softness" or un-nerving feel from the suspension using the D3 springs. I do like the ride affect. Yes it is softer but not to my disliking. The car does feel very controllable and I'm not left thinking...WTF is this?

As you know the sleeves come to you as a narrow strip of flat black fabric/nylon type material. Open up either end to find that it is shaped like a tube in which both ends are open. Simply slip one over the end of your front spring and work the sleeve all the onto the spring, leaving the end flush with the end of the spring. There should be a good 8-10 inches on each spring. The sleeve material is used to buffer the contact of spring with the rubber shock mount. This area believed to be the culprit of the squeaking. I also believe the culprit with any lowering spring on any car "over time" that "I" have experienced.
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What "recall" are you referring to PhxTriode? I'm out of loop on this one.

Realize too I'm running wttih 21" wheels so I would really sense a change in handling, which I don't to a degree I would find displeasing.
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