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D3 springs (squeaking/creaking) ?

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I was under the impression that D3 has a fix for the squeaking on their lowering springs . They have a nylon sleeve that you wrap on the top of the front springs to eliminate the noise. If you haven't requested these sleeves contact D3 so they can ship them out. If anyone has installed the sleeve's and still has noise issues please chime in. I will contact them to make sure this issue is resolved. BTW i have no affiliation with D3.
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Did the ass end of your car feel super soft under hard acceleration when one side of the car was loaded. Like if you where to turn aggressively to get around someone to pass?

Mine goes straight down the road but if I weight one side down under power it feels unnerving. I do have the rods as well.
When giving a good ass whipping/flogging to the V Coupe or on my prior V sedan I don't/didn't experience any "undesirable softness" or un-nerving feel from the suspension using the D3 springs. I do like the ride affect. Yes it is softer but not to my disliking. The car does feel very controllable and I'm not left thinking...WTF is this?
I had the recall and tires done at the same time. I just put 500 miles on then the past 2 days. I am going to have it realigned and see what happens from there. Thank for your response
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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