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Does anyone know anything about Escalades modified by D3? It looks like the guy that used to post D3 stuff here was banned?

While doing some research trying to find the previous owner of my 12 Premium so I can attempt to find out what all has been done to the engine. I came across this and I'm wondering if anyone here knows anything about these? While searching my VIN I found a listing for my truck. It's turns out it was modified by the dealer or D3 with a D3 stage 2 performance Kit and a I believe it was also murdered out by D3. I'm wondering how many exist? If anyone else has one or if anyone here owned this Escalade?

It started its life in Seattle and then ended up in Austin where I believe it had more work done because it's a lot faster that my other gen 3's were. I can also see that they had the Harmonic balancer (socket marks) off and DOD has been deleted. It would be nice to find the previous owner before I turbo this truck. I flew down to Texas and grabbed it last year and it was a repo so it's hard to find the previous owner. Anyone here own this truck before or know anything about D3 Escalades? The company seems to no longer exist but appears they were big in the Cadillac performance scene.

This is a link to the truck. Buy 2012 Cadillac Escalade Premium9,041,SUV,Black Raven,Ebony,3509CM,1GYS4CEF6CR256228,E-85/Gasoline,6.2L V8 16V MPFI OHV Flexible Fuel,6-Speed Automatic,AWD,4,116"
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