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I bought y first Cadillac - 2005 CTS, in December as Christmas present to myself. Loved it for the first month until I got bad gas. Started sputtering within 5 minutes.

Used Lucas Fuel Treatment and four bottles of HEET over last three weeks. Changed fuel filter twice. Lot of water in filter first time, but none two weeks later when changed again, Still missing at idle and sometimes during acceleration.

Really hate to pull fuel tank due to not having access to a lift and the incredible amount of work it appears to require. Plan to pull injectors and check as well as change plugs while intake is off. Any other ideas (so I can love my Caddy again)?

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If I had that much water in the tank. Then I would personally prepair for a hazardous situation.

Fire extinguisher, ABC type.
Several 5 gallon gas jugs (enough to empty the 17 gallon tank if filled.)
Hose that will fit the fuel line(s).

Disconnect the fuel lines from the engine and attach the hose(s).

Dump the other end of the hose into one of the 5 gallon jugs. Cycle the ignition switch as to have the fuel pump "prime" the fuel lines. Keep on doing this until the tank is empty.

Buy at least a gallon or 2 of gas. Pour it in and repeat until that is empty.

Replace the fuel filter once again. And buy 5 gallons and pour it in and put everything back together.

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