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5th Caddy. 1995 Deville Sedan. Adriatic Blue with slate interior. I need a book for it. 4.9 motor.(my favorite). 120,000 miles on her and she looks great and runs very well. Getting a new plug in for my heat/cool blower. This one is shot.

Hope to hang around and find out things. No book, No codes, so I am back to looking them up on the net.

I am up to 19.5 mpg now.( got 20.5 on same motor in Eldorado, but it was lighter). I may make 20 yet. Used the X-Stuff kit with oil treatment and gas treatment. I don't normally use gas treatment. This one doesn't seem to use much oil. My 93 eldorado with same motor used a quart every 1000 miles.

I love it. It doesn't corner as well as the eldorados I have had, but it sure runs well enough for me, and seems to have less squeeks and rattles than either of my eldorados.

Good to meet yall!!!

Cyborg (Mike Sartor Sr)
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