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cv joint or trans problems

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ok i got like this vibration that shakes my car im wondering if its the transmission slipping or if its just a bad cv joint . if it was the trans wouldn't i notice the rpms jumping up and down and it wouldn't gain speed as smooth as it dose or would it. if it is the trans and not the cv joint it seams kinda strange cause the it was working fine before i took and changed out my trans cooler lines im going to switch them around tomorrow and see what happens. im thinking it could be the cv joint cause when i was changing out the ball joint on the passengers side the iner joint slipped out and i had to take the boot off and put it back in so im thinking some thing might have messed up on it causing the vibration . but it don't do it all the time it just dose it like from 15-30 mph up to about 30-40 mph any thing over that and it stop
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i forgot to mention there are no codes. and i just noticed this morning i get a clunk every once in a while if im stopped and then go and after coasting for a little bit . some one please help me
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