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Custom Valve Covers Built to your Spec!
Valve Covers are one of the most overlooked upgrades on the modern LS and LT engine and this solution will add both looks and performance to your car, whether your goal is show or go! The new billet WEAPON-X Valve Covers are what you're looking for! They're fully customizable in both powder coat color to match your paint or add accents as well as even being able to have them custom engraved! We have an improved PCV outlets for higher HP applications as well as the very important internal baffling that none of the competition retains, which increased the oil blow by from your engine, furthering the oil drawn into the engine, which robs you of air flow and ultimately horsepower as it pools and can foul your plugs.

  • Options up to -12AN fittings for PCV lines Internal improved baffling for oil filtration
  • Clearance for larger rockers, like the Harland Sharp 1.8 Roller Rockers
  • Coil Pack bracket to mount them above, or you can omit and hide them
  • Retains factory o-ring seal for gasket seat to cylinder head
  • CNC Billet Oil Cap
  • Customizable Colors
  • Customizable Engraving option
PM or email [email protected] to go over options and pricing​
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