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Custom throttle body plate - any interest?

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I got talking to one of the sellers on eBay that makes custom TBI covers for the GM cars. They had no idea that Cadillacs came with LT1s in them. I'm having a custom plate done with the era-correct crest and shield (the shield with the ducks). Due to the complexity of it, I'm just having a laser-etched one done. But....

If there is enough interest they can do an engraved one. There's about 3 or 4 hours of setup time which would be spread across the number of plates made. I'd guess we could get them done in the $35-40 range if we had enough interest.

Now, I realize that our TBIs are covered by that goofy silencer. I'm removing mine, and I know other folks have done the same.

If you're interested shoot me an e-mail or reply here.
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Re: TBI Block-off Plate - any interest?

No, it is the rectangular plate that goes on top of the throttle body. I'll change the post title so it is clearer.


Who makes the one in the pic? If I could find one I wouldn't have had mine custom made. I guess they're all custom anyway, but if someone's already done the tooling....
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