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custom taillights, curious what you think

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i did these myself, do you think it looks good? i have a 96 sts....


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Did you use the VHT paint for that tint? How many coats? I was thinking of tinting my tail lights ('97 Deville) the body colour - Silvermist Metallic - but wanted to put enough coats on to have them look solid in the daylight - still transparent enough for the running and break lights to do their job mind you, but solid looking when "off". I figured maybe 3 coats of the tint and then clear over that. Is that similar to what you've done?
to start i cleaned them really well and took my time throughout the process, total it took me like 6-8 hours. after it was all cleaned i used thin electrical tape to horizontal lines across the lights...then above the lines of tape i put a circular sticker to leave enough area for light to pass through and mainly to keep the cops at bay... after all that i did 2 coats of clear plastic primer..then 2 coats of a regular flat black primer....and finally 2 coats of the body color over it all...let it dry remove the tape and stickers and wha-la.... im thinking that i should clear coat the entire thing....kinda looks like i slapped a decal on there.....but hey, another day
I had a 1992 Seville and this goes for a lot of that syle seville, The rear right light seems to fog up a lot
Right on, Mainewater - the fix is to drill a tiny hole in the BOTTOM edge of the lense so condensation has somewhere to go - and the air can get in there and clear up the fogging. Somewhere buried in the deep dark past of this forum is a how-to on this fix.
You actually have green grass and leafy trees in NH in May? (chuckle...) Wash your ride.....
I'm not too fond of it. Looks like u used regular green tape and created that. Maybe if I saw the lights on at night.
Not too shabby... But yeah a washing is def. due!!
I would have just tinted them with the night shades and plenty of clear-coat for a nice shine. Not only would a washing help, but maybe the clay bar and some polish, too. Try some ICE and Nu Finish products. Not trying to sound invading, just giving my input.
Nicely done, but black striping on the tails always reminds me of '90's Pontiacs (not a good thing for a luxury sedan).
It's also a bit too busy with all the overly-complex colors of the STS tails plus the striping and circle cut-outs.

Here's mine:
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