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Enclosed coil rocker arm covers:

These two piece covers are engineered to hide your ignition coils, provide additional rocker arm clearance, and can be custom finished. Each set of covers also includes a comprehensive installation kit complete with fasteners and new gaskets. For more information please visit

Exposed Coil Rocker Arm Covers:

Introducing our latest rocker arm cover design, these covers allow you streamline your engine's appearance while accommodating any commercially available coil relocation kit. Pictured below are our exposed valve covers with our coil relocation kit, a system of brackets that allows the coils to be placed anywhere alongside the covers themselves. These exposed valve covers can be customized in all the ways the enclosed covers can be customized (including anodize, polish, and engraving.) Our coil relocation kits are available in black anodize and polish. See for more information...

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