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Custom interior: Sanctus V

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Hello, fellow forum members. Allow me to introduce myself as this is my first post to this fine community. My name is William von Medicus. My company, Sanctus, has had the great fortune to build a one-off vehicle based on a 2012 V coupe. Today I'm very pleased to share with you some photos of the custom upholstery we had done for this exceptional V. In the near future I will be posting photos of the performance modifications we did, as well as the redesigned body we build. My only intention here is to share our example of what's possible with the V. I hope you enjoy and look forward to your feedback.

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A few crappy iPhone photos of the interior going in,
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Thanks! Caravaggio Corvettes did the upholstery for us. Remarkable craftsmanship
The interior work cost $45K. Seems outrageous but I think it was very fair given the amount of work and the quality. We had literally everything wrapped. Even the carpeting and trunk upholstery are covered in Alcantara.
Thanks iVwishing! Once again I have to give credit to Caravaggio.


Thanks Mr. Hyde! I agree the cost was astronomical. With that said, and in fairness to Caravaggio, there were a few factors that pushed the cost so high. One, this was the first CTS interior Caravaggio has done. Therefore, the original upholstery had to be totally disassembled, uncovered, unstitched and patterned. He now has patterns for interior number two, which would significantly reduce the cost. Two, my client wanted Ferrari Cuoio brown leather and he wanted the real thing. The Cuoio hides were $8,500 alone. Three, doing the carpeting and trunk upholstery in Alcantara added a lot. Finally, when you see what we did to the car's body, this interior makes more sense.
I'm going to start a new tread for this in the next few weeks as we get further along. Until then, here's a little sneak peek at our exterior redesign.
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Thanks! We're still tweaking the rear bumper diffuser, but I think keeping it simple looks best. And you nailed it, Corsa exhaust
Some not so good photos of the progress on the body. Still a lot of work ahead and some tweaking to do but it's getting there. Looking forward to your feedback and comments.
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I know... Wish we could have done a lamp that was signature Cadillac. We looked at a ton of options, both OEM and aftermarket, but couldn't make anything work with the limited space we have. Even looked into making lamps but ran away from that idea when we got a few quotes. If anyone has any ideas on how to accomplish a signature Cadillac lamp I'd love to hear them. We may be building additional cars and would love to further refine the design.
Front end nearly complete. We're going to work the lamp pockets a bit more but the general concept is there. As always, looking forward to feedback. It really helps to get everyones input.

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Your V is to a "regular" V what the Hulk is to Bruce Banner! Love the overall super aggressive look except the Chrysler 200/300 grille.

View attachment 298121

Personally I prefer the mesh grille.

The lights are great too. Maybe some type of trim around them to make them stand out a little better.
Haha! Love the Hulk reference. Not so pleased with the Chrysler reference. Not because I'm offended, because you're right. I'm thinking a more open design, fab'd in stainless with woven wire mesh is the solution. We'll have to be careful not to look to Audi though..


Are you keeping the cadillac badges cause no ones going to know what that is!LOL
Haha! It's definitely going to make some people scratch their heads. We are having a new badge made with our company logo. Just one on the trunk.
A few outside shots. Grill and rear diffuser not there yet. Grill needs turning up, diffuser needs turning down. Thoughts?
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what color are you planning on doing?????? IM SO IMPATIENT I WANNA SEE IT DONE!
That's a good question... Lots of ideas but nothing is final. I'm going to play around in Photoshop to help make the decision. I'll put them up
Have you considered more vents/louvers in the hood?
Thought long and hard about venting the hood but decided not to, for now..


Is it too late to dial down the front lip, that things going to be scraping everywhere. Carbon fiber rear diffuser?
Carbon front lip and diffuser for sure. The lip was added to help protect the bumper from inevitable scraping.


Some amazing work, and love the interior. But after seeing that grille, I can't under it as looking a bit like a custom Chrysler Crossfire :hide: .

So what has been done performance wise?

The customer intending it as a show car or drivers car?
It will absolutley be a driver and occasionally tracked. Probably put it in a few shows this summer, but it's off to it's home in France late fall. We did the following performance work,
Lingenfelter 650 hp kit
Lingenfelter ported snout
American Racing headers
Corsa touring cat-back
Custom dyno tune
KW V3 coilovers
D3 sway bars
Brembo GT front and rear brakes
HRE 593's 20x10 front, 20x12 rear
Michelin Pilot SS 275/30ZR20 front, 335/30ZR20 rear


Overall awesome craftsmanship but I'm at a loss as to what it's supposed to be or theme inspired. It looks nothing remotely like a CTS coupe or a Cadillac for that matter. Was that your goal or intent?
No, our original intent was to build a wide body V. Obviously we've gone way beyond the original scope.
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Finally getting around to posting photos of the final product for anyone who has been wondering what happened. My client issued a gag order until an article was published about the car. While some of my clients design choices aren't what I would have done, I'm still very proud of how it turned out. Looking forward to hearing what others think of what I'm pretty confident is the wildest CTS-V on the planet.

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