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Custom Hurst Shifter Review - 07CTSV \ PISNUOFF \ Brian

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Here we go. I will be using this thread to follow the install and before/after reviews of this newer shifter option for our V1's. With a few other guys already providing feedback on the 54inches shifters, I got in contact with Brian (PISNUOFF/07CTS-V) about properly modifying the Hurst 3916030 for our cars. I can't say enough about his work and he went above and beyond to get me this thing during the holidays. Even if the USPS decided to deliver it a few days later than expected lol.

What I was looking for:
-Replaceable stalk: Shorter one for DD work, able to swap out to a longer one for track days/auto-x. Not that it is a huge deal to some, but I prefer to not have to reach off the wheel a longer distance than I have to during aggressive driving. We will see how this works in the long run, but it makes sense in my head so far (can't guarantee that is always successful)
-Upgraded pivot ball
-Improved connection/bushings at the linkage
-Rebuildable and easily serviceable
-That classic Hurst knob/stalk combo.

What I am starting with for a baseline:
2005 CTS-V - Completely Stock Shifter - Creative Steel Bushings - 9k miles on a new Trans Mount (No Insert yet). This is by far the tightest shifting stock V I have driven...but I swear the ZF6 in my F250 had a shorter throw.

The goods - you can see the Delrin bushings in the linkage connection as well as the bolt "wings" machined off in order to use the stock stamped hold down. Hardware to replace the rivets you will drill out during the install. Hurst supplied grease for pivots etc. (ignore the bronze isolator cup as its being saved for later)

Closeup of the inside of the pivot. You can see the snap ring inside. Once that is removed you can press the base off and rebuild the guts if you ever needed to.

Sleeve machined and pressed onto the base in order to properly fit the stock stamped hold down. You can also see the new bushings for where the shifter attaches to the linkage. No shimming with washers.

Will update tomorrow with pictures of the install and before/after initial reviews.
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So I am finally ready to pull the trigger on one of the modified stock shifters from PISNUOFF, but I have not been on the forum for a bit and this stuff with the HURST shifter is new to me. So we still order the shifters from PISNUOFF but not the come with a HURST base or something? Can someone please let me know what I need to do to send in my order? I couldnt find a thread for ordering them and I am ready to order ASAP. Also looking for a little more information on exactly what all I need as far as bushings and stuff. Would appreciate some more info from anyone or a point in the right direction to another thread that may have all the info I am looking for. Thanks in advance.


Nevermind I found PISNUOFF's thread on these new shifters, I just didnt see it at first. Sorry for the post.
Hey Brian I am ready to order. Anything else I need to do besides PayPal you the money? I currently have a V2 knob on my car so I want to be able to continue to use that with the new shifter. Also I have read some things about people also replacing the "shifter bushings" or something when they do this install, is there anything like that you would reccomend doing along with this install? And is there currently any sort of wait time for the kits? Thanks.
Wow yea I guess I definately missed that. How rediculous. Thanks for the info though I will shoot him an e-mail.
Becker, I am currently trying to decide between the modified stock or the hurst shifter. From what PISNUOFF said, the difference in feel is only marginally better for the Hurst setup and he actually recomended that I just go with the modified stock setup if it is just for daily driving and I am not planning on using the chrome stalk. Do you have a different opinion? I would be fine with spending the extra $90 if the difference is really worth it. I just want the best possible setup since the interface between the driver and transmission is such an important part of the overall driving experience, and the feel of the stock shifter definately leaves a lot to be desired. But I do plan on still using my V2 knob I purchased from Luke @ Lindsay, so I would have to send Brian my stock unit after I do the install so he can modify it while I use the Hurst stalk for a while, and then swap them when he sends it back. So what do you think, is it a no brainer? Is the Hurst that much better that I shouldnt even consider the modified stock? Looking for opinions from anyone and everyone. Thanks.
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1 - 4 of 189 Posts
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