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Custom black headliner? Also, how do you "black out" the exterior chrome trim?

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custom black headliner? also, how do you "black out" the exterior chrome trim?

I wish a black headliner was an option from the factory, has anyone had a custom headliner installed?

Also, are there any aftermarket black trim pieces available?
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Yes, what did you do/use to prep your chrome? I am actually wanting to do this to my 06 DTS....picked up some duplicolor shadow today. Does anybody have any info/opinions about it?
This necropost is over 10 years old. Some of the contributors are banned plus I have not seen any of these guys in years. Unfortunately this is a dead end.
I don't know about that... they aren't quite done yet, but they're looking good... Bruce Wayne gonna be sittin pretty riding on Gotham!!!
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