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I'm a valet. And yesterday I drove a mid-late 80's Buick Park Avenue. It had the pillow-top leather seats. They were really nice. Now, I'm like 99% sure that that's the exact same chassis as the '86 style DeVille. The slightly smaller ones. However, it looks like my interior (actual cabin room) is the same (I have an '89 Sedan DeVille) as this '86-ish PA. Now, there was also an '88 Sedan DeVille in. It had similar seats. The '88 DeVille was the same chassis as that '86-ish PA again if I'm correct. These seats were great. I only have the velour in mine. It's in good condition...but I'd surely take leather if I could find it. So, what year seats can I use? Any model, everything. As in, could i use those '86-ish PA seats in my '89 Sedan DeVille? The only difference was that in '89, they used this extra upper headrest thing on the back seat. It was similar to the '86 Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance I was going to buy. Will that make a difference? If so, I'd obviosuly only be able to use '89-'93 DeVille and Fleetwood seats.

I also have the power for/aft, up/down, yet don't have a recliner. *DAMN YOU GM!!* Since the newer ones had recliners, will that make a big problem? I'd like a recliner. lol.

And, obviously, how much would that run? Either junkyard, on the forum or eBay.

:rant2: (to GM)
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