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The V2018 ONLY works if the head unit has already been replaced with a newer design unit. It's NOT backwards compatible with the old head units. If your head unit (full infotainment system inc screen and all the guts behind it) was changed out once already then you might need the V2018 (depending on the date that was done). If not, then you must stick to the version that matches your current system.

FYI I'm surprised the dealer is willing to just change the touch screen. Requires pulling the head unit, disassembling, changing out screen, reassemble, and put unit back into vehicle. The $1400 quote is for replacing the whole head unit, not just the screen. I think the dealer means if you can buy the head unit cheaper elsewhere, they'll swap the head units out for you. I HIGHLY doubt the dealer has the time or willingness to do the detailed screen swap within your head unit. Hell, their labour charge for doing that would probably equate or exceed their whole head unit change charges.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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