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Cue radio sound and phone pairing problems

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I have a 2014 XTS, I have 2 problems. Some times when I start the car with the radio on there is no sound until I shut off the car and open the drivers door and start the car again than the sound works.
My second problem is my phone operation through CUE. I purchased a new Samsung Rugby 4 because my PanTech would not upload my address book to CUE. The new phone will pair to CUE BUT the address book will upload only some times to CUE during the initial pairing. When the car is turned off and I leave than return and start the car the phone will not pair again unless I delete the phone from CUE and pair it again. It is not the phone because I tried another phone with the same results.
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Hello rampartone,

These issues with your XTS do sound aggravating and I can see why you would be looking for possible solutions within the forum. Have you contacted your dealership regarding either concern? I would definitely recommend contacting our Infotainment team as they are our experts on the CUE. They can be reached at 855-428-3669 from 8am to 10pm EST, seven days a week. Please feel free to PM me after you speak with them and we can address any lingering phone concerns as well as your radio issue.

Have a great day,

Austin J.
Cadillac Customer Care
I just spent 6 1/2 hours at my local dealership today about the above issue. They "checked" the system and couldn't find any thing wrong "when I arrived at the dealership this morning I told them my problems and that every thing operated normal on the way to them". They talked to someone on the phone who recocomended that they up grade my software with a brand new release, they did. They also said that GM says my phone is not compatatible with CUE. After the upgrade I could pair the phone but not the address book transfer "the tech mechs phone paired and uploaded the address book with no problem". I left the dealer @ 17:30, when I left I deleted the phone pairing from CUE. About 30 minutes later on the way home I paired the phone to CUE, it connected, uploaded my address book and all calls from CUE were completed normally. In my opinion if my phone was not compatatible with CUE I would never have pairing and address book uploading at all. The work item is still open BUT no one knows what to do next.
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Good morning rampartone,

I’m glad to hear that you are working with your dealership to resolve these concerns, even though I know it is upsetting that not everything was resolved during your visit yesterday. I just wanted to reiterate that I would be happy to provide an additional layer of assistance while you work to address the situation. Please PM me with your VIN, mileage, dealership name, and personal contact information if you are interested.

Enjoy your day,

Austin J.
Cadillac Customer Care
I called your 855 428 3669 and they are setting up a file to track problem. How do I PM you with the info you asked for? I don't want my private info out there in the forum?


PS: Every thing works perfect now.

OK, GM has just told me that my phone is not "HIGH TECH" and to use CUE a SMART PHONE MUST be used for their 2014 "even though my XTS was manufactured in 2013" HIGH TECH CUE system even though my phone will connect 3 out of 4 attempts and it is a new generation phone. I guess my son-inlaw's new I PHONE which had the same problem is not HIGH TECH ENOUGH. WHAT A JOKE, if you want to use GM CUE you have to buy a Smart Phone because flip phones are not high tech enough. Honestly I really expected GM to not take responsibility for any of CUE's problems. I never had problems with my Lincoln Sync system, they sent a upgrade in early 2013 and never had a problem again.
I just took a ride (125 miles) in my 2002 Lincoln Towncar using my 5 year old Garmin GPS. It performed head and shoulders better than CUE and even warned me of "Red Light Cameras". I will never buy a Cadillac or for that matter a GM vehicle again. Every problem I had day one I still have this date. GM IS NOT A CONSUMER FRIENDLY COMPANY. It's time to think different manufacture.

The thing I hate about consumer radar detectors is they accept input from users for changes.
Case in point, unknowing users will see a traffic sensor on a pole (looks like a little LED Video camera) and report it as a traffic camera.
This gets added to the Garmin, TomTom or what ever update and now it's reports all these false red light camera locations.

Some areas, where there is none, the thing warns you of cameras at every single intersection.
Technically, those sensors ARE traffic cameras.
I have this Garmin for almost 5 years and it has been consistantly accurate always sounding where I know the cameras are and here in Florida there are many.
its probably the software i had the same problem my software was 2.12.075 now its 2.12.185 and all my sync problems are gone
I don't know where the "PS: Every thing works perfect now. (COLOR="Silver") came from. It was not my comment because still to this date NOTHING has improved my CUE system.
Gavinallan1 said:
Technically, those sensors ARE traffic cameras.
That was very helpful input, thanks
Still not red light cameras though
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