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CUE Quastions

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I know many of us have "CUE" questions in their CTS. Didn't see any threads about it, so I started one.

On my '14 CTS, I know that I've seen the GPS map fill the xreen with no buttons visible on the screen. Not sure what I did, but now the radio buttons show up on the screen and stay there permanently, even wine the other controls fade away after there is a period of time where no hand movement is detected.

I've tried swiping down to get the buttons to go away, but they won't. Any ideas? I've tried every setting I know and still can't figure out what has changed that I can't just get the full GPS screen back with just the map showing.
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Swiping down should make them go away. You will find all the CUE questions in the CUE forum under general topics, item specific.
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