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CUE not working with Pandora

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Anybody else having issues with Pandora Radio in their Cue system. have 2013 SRX complained since new that it drops out and will not come back until you shut the car and phone off and reboot all. but now rebooting does not help. if I delete the device and rescan for it it will play one song before it hangs up. not impressed and of course dealer says OPERATING AT SPEC! this is the new term for customer care professionals. it used to be "COULD NOT DUPLICATE" don't know which I prefer. of course now the screen is crazed and cracked and the touch doesn't work very well
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rhmichaels said:
CUE more than half the time says' Pandora error check connected device ' it aint a Pandora error its a GM error and get no help from dealer or GM have two cars without bluetooth i bought a $25.00 plug in device and Pandora works every time! Pissed in CT
I have the same problem, but I'm not so sure that the Pandora app isn't at least partially at fault for that error/message. The reason I say this is that I'm fairly sure this error started popping up all the time after Pandora started running ads through the CUE app, and now when I check the phone after getting this CUE error the Pandora app on the phone is stuck on the opening advertisement screen, the one with the blue button at the screen bottom that says "continue to Pandora" or similar. So CUE and Pandora together may be to blame, but anyway you'd think that both GM and Pandora would be more interested in improving on the user experience and fixing this issue somehow.
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