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Gather 'round, kids. I have a little story.

Last night I took the XT5 to go pick up a pizza for dinner. My pizza was going to be ready at 7:15. As I pulled into a parking spot at the pizza place, I glance at the time on the Cue screen, it's 7:07. (you're rolling your eyes, but these details are important later.) It was a large with pepperoni and mushroom on one half, and just cheese on the other half. (that detail is not important but I thought maybe you'd like to know.)

I roll the windows down and shut off the engine, I have a few minutes so I'm planning to just chill. I'm hanging out and I look at the Cue screen, now the clock says 7:06. I'm thinking that's weird, because, right hand to God I know I pulled in at 7:07. While I'm continuing to evaluate what might be going on with my mental state, the clock now says 7:05. :suspense: What the actual ... ? Had I unknowingly entered a black hole where time and space imploded, sending this illusion of reality back into the past, shattering all concepts of life as we know it?!?

Nope. Just a good 'ol fashioned Cue screen crap out. When it got down to 7:03, I became disgusted and hopped out to go retrieve my dinner. Not any younger. Not in a cool alternate reality where time flows backwards. Just some poor schmuck who spent $50,000+ on a car that can't even tell time.

Pics or it didn't happen? Check it out - note the time on the phone and the time on the Cue.


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