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CUE / Bluetooth Connections.

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My 2019 XTS continues to receive Bluetooth connections from unwanted devices. I delete them manually from the system and in a few weeks, I have several more of these unwanted connections. How do I prevent unwanted connections??? Thanks for replies.
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Please elaborate indicating the type of unwanted device connections. I have not experienced this at all except for one occasion when a tech was working on my car and it listed his cell phone. I think he paired it to test something out, but in the process unpaired mine, lol.
Thanks for the reply. This morning I deleted 4 unknown phone connections to my CUE / Phone device. My phone connects just fine but when I go later to connect the CUE does not list my phone but does list other unwanted phone connections. I have to reconnect my phone. I can delete these phones but others will appear later. The car is sitting in my driveway!!! Any suggestions??
At the moment my only thought is that the vehicle's Wi-Fi hotspot is picking up other connections, but I don't know why your phone would loose it's pairing, unless it has gone over the limit on the number devices allowed and as a consequence dropped yours due to it being the first one. You could try; CUE > Settings > System > Wi-Fi Services, which allows devices to use the vehicle hotspot. You can select 'disable' in CUE. If it is already disabled, then I don't know what the cause would be.
Here's what I have done. Went out this morning and erased all connections in the CUE / Phone listings, connected my cell phone which showed as the only phone in the listing. Under Wi-Fi Networks no networks were connected ("Not Connected"). Under Wi-Fi Hotspots, "Wi-Fi Services Switched Off", "Connected Devices 0 (zero)". I turned off the vehicle and went inside. Three hours later I went back to the car and my Connected Phones listing was full of unknown phones and mine was not listed. Just repeated the same process. Will recheck again in a few hours. Any help or suggestions???? Thanks in advance.
I'm sure there must be an explanation, but I don't know it at the moment. Dealership maybe?
I'm sure there must be an explanation, but I don't know it at the moment. Dealership maybe?
Found a contact I will try tomorrow: CUE Information Team, 855 / 428-3669 (8am - 10pm, 7 days a week). Will see if they can assist. Appreciate your responses. Thanks.
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Update on above issue. Called CUE Tech Support. Number has changed to 800 / 333-4223. Rep was very nice but had never heard of this issue and after 45 minutes with no recommendations or solution we ended the conversation!! I then proceeded to manually erased all personal information in the system. No change! I then clicked return to factory default settings. No change! After reentering all my original settings, the problem still existed. Got frustrated and went inside!!! An hour later I started the car, and my CUE was locked on the home screen. I did a "hard reset" (for the 4th time) and everything is now working properly!! No unwanted phone contacts. Go figure!! Must have been possessed or taken over by aliens!! Again, thanks for your replies. Will post again if situation changes.
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