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I have parts ordered since May. GM advised they had shipped - the dealer said not the case. GM reported the parts were shipping “complete” for delivery last week but not the case. GM says they have determined the car is drivable. Are the parts essentially complete at this point? And is the car drivable - it would be nice to be able to use it.
I had been waiting on the parts since late March.
From a manufacturing standpoint, I'm sure this was a nightmare for GM to manage since there really aren't that many of these on the road. Getting a manufacturer to tool up to make 15,000 differentials would be a pain in the ass when they are geared to build hundreds of thousands.
Being in Canada probably compounded problems for me since there are likely only a dozen of these cars in the country. I can't imagine it would have been a big priority to get them up here. The cost of potential lawsuits for a failure in Canada vs. the US is clearly the motivating factor here.
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