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i have a 16g sd card in a reader that's plugged into the usb port in the car. since it's a "v" it uses the bose system. problem is that when on random (all), several tunes will only play partially then it skips to play the next tune. crazy.

well, after taking it in to service, the adviser acknowledged that it's a known problem. i wish i had asked him for how long. what he explained was that everything, not just radio, is essentially cached on the hdd and that's where the problem is. this is very sad.

i also have an '13 ls460 with NO issues and came back to caddy after 12 ys of lexus bliss - perhaps i'm spoiled by amazing quality. granted one doesn't buy a 'v" for the infotainment but at these prices, caddy should step up and fix their problems.

i will ask if anyone has had success or learned about some workaround. i will also ask that u not respond by telling me to use an i-whatever or not do random. these mp3 tunes play fine on the puter, cell and ls460. i'd also prefer hearing from folks that have a solution or a question. that said, if there was a solution, i suspect my dlr would have said as much today. keep in mind, i have a 6 wk old '15.

i'd really like to hear form caddy customer care but they typically don't acknowledge problems cause they think we're all dumb. as a result they refer us back to the dealer instead of checking internally FIRST.

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