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CTS-V odor (not the usual)

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Good day to all. I have searched the forums for my situation with no results. 2014 CTS-V Wagon, owned since new, 7K on the odometer, garage kept. Since new have had bad odor inside in the following situations: driving windows up with vent system off; vent system on in RECIRC mode; windows up with sunroof in vent position. This does NOT smell like: mildew, gas, exhaust, plastic, or oil. Smells more like formaldehyde and will cause illness and itching eyes after 20 minutes driving in the above situations. Thought it may be upholstery gassing but after eight years is as prominent as new. As a mechanic, any thoughts will be helpful and thank you in advance.
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If you don't find anything, maybe give it to a professional detailer, someone who is accustomed to deep cleaning a car, to see if maybe they can find the source?

Did you ever address it with Hendrick Cadillac back when the car was new? If so, what did they say?

Is the car always closed up in the garage? If so, maybe let it sit with the windows down to "air out", either in the garage or out in the sun on a nice day?
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