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CTS-V odor (not the usual)

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Good day to all. I have searched the forums for my situation with no results. 2014 CTS-V Wagon, owned since new, 7K on the odometer, garage kept. Since new have had bad odor inside in the following situations: driving windows up with vent system off; vent system on in RECIRC mode; windows up with sunroof in vent position. This does NOT smell like: mildew, gas, exhaust, plastic, or oil. Smells more like formaldehyde and will cause illness and itching eyes after 20 minutes driving in the above situations. Thought it may be upholstery gassing but after eight years is as prominent as new. As a mechanic, any thoughts will be helpful and thank you in advance.
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More problems than this, but have you changed your air filter? When doing so, take a look around and see if there are any foreign objects or dead animals in the duct system.

Is there anything under the seats? Have you removed the rear seat to see if anything is under it?

Have you looked in the rear area under the back end where the Bose amp is?

Water leaks causing rot? The sunroof is known to leak. Have you performed the sunroof drain repair as outlined in the regular CTS forum?
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