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CTS V Coupe door release issues

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Hi everyone I am new to this forum. I am on my second V. 1st one was an '09 sedan. Thoroughly enjoyed it and recently traded in for '13 coupe in Thunder Grey after the last kid moved out. Everything has been great except the last two weeks I have had trouble with the door release button. If the car is running but in park the push button release does not work about half the time and I have to use the lever on the floor. If I shut the car off the button will work. Spoke with my salesperson and a tech at the dealership, both said they haven't heard of this problem before. I am taking it in next week so they can look into it. Have any of my fellow V owners had this issue, and if so, what did the dealership do about it? Thanks fo any advice.
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I have a 2014 V-coupe and a 2011 performance coupe. The outside drivers door release pad is easy to damage by applying too much pressure. Be gentle always, and patient when opening the door. There is a thin sheet metal contact layer that can be warped the wrong way. Also over time corrosion sets in and the goldish lands on the circuit board turn green from copper oxidation. This can be removed with care not to damage the rubber-like plastic covering that holds the pre-bent metal piece in place with tiny fragile barbs. Better to buy several for $40 and be done with it! Three screws and keeping the cable from disappering inside the door will do the trick.
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