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2018 XT5 Black on Black
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I need help guys. The stock radio I want to stay with, there is sufficient power with the stock amps for my tastes as well. Just so you Know, the stock speakers (all paper cones) consist of 1 inch tweeters (no fun to pull out) that are 4 ohm with door mounted 5.25/2 ohm mids. The rear doors are 5.25 mids that are 4 ohm. Wanted to stop there but the new speakers were so nice sounding that the sub needs updating. My situation is I have a 10 inch/2 ohm/2 voice coil paper sub. I want to plug and play! Can I use a 4 ohm dual voice coil low power sub in its place or do I need to go with a 2 ohm/dual voice coil unit. There are an Alpine and Kicker unit available (Alpine type S-Kicker Comp VR). I don't want to do any re-wiring if I can help it. I'm told there might be issue with installing a new amp for the sub and it's compatability with the stock system.
I've posted some pics of the old speakers for a peek at what you are up against. I replaced the fronts with Infinity Reference Component Speakers, the rears I had a set of Pioneer Premier Mids from my last car. The system has a nice sound that images nicely around the interior no matter your seating location. The sub was a pain in the ass as you have to pull out the back seat (top and botom) and the rear deck cover, then you can pull the sub. I hope I can plug and play. Suggestions???????

Sorry about the quality of some of the pics! (phone camera)
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