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2010 CTS4 3.6L AWD Sportwagon
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Have a 2010-newer, CTS, Sport Wagon, CTS4 Sport Wagon? Chances are, it has the J55, HD brake option. For sale: Premium, High-Carbon steel, cross-drilled, front brake rotors from R1 Concepts of CA. Size: 13.6 x 1.2 in. (345 x 30.48mm). Cryogenically-dipped for molecular hardness. X-drilled holes are chamferred. Used only 3000 miles of mixed driving with milling marks barely removed.
installed them and had low-speed brake squeal just before the stop. I tried another set of same, high-carbon rotors without the cryo-dip and had same squeal. I finally applied orange disc-brake quiet goop to components and squeal gone.

Too lazy to change them out again. You get the nicer set for $175 dollars. e-Mail at:
[email protected] Also fits newer Chevy Caprice Police patrol cars.


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