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CAR Motorsports is offering for sale our GM Licensed Custom Fit Car Covers for the CTS and CTS-V. The price of these covers is $189.95 with FREE SHIPPING for all board member purchases. Features of our cover and what's included with the cover are as follows:

  1. LIFETIME warranty against material and workmanship defects (NO OTHER cover on the market has a lifetime warranty)
  2. Custom Fit pattern - this is not a universal cover, but one designed specifically for a certain year and model, here, the new CTS models. It also features Custom Mirror pockets.
  3. EXTREMELY lightweight - This is the lightest cover we've encountered. Storage is SIMPLE as it scrunches or rolls up neatly into the storage bag. We've all experienced those covers where once its out of the bag, it never goes back in. Not so with this cover.
  4. REFLECTIVE silver color that features woven material that is coated with aluminized polyurethane and acrylic for superior protection from the elements, and all flying creatures be it birds or insects. This color also reflects sunlight allowing your car to remain COOLER during sunny days. Soft and non-abrasive to clear coat finishes.
  5. Heavy Duty double stitched elastic bands along bottom of front and rear of cover to secure cover tightly to the car.
  6. PATENTED nylon buckle system to further secure cover to car. ALL covers, no matter how soft, will scratch your car if they move. Movement allows dirt to blow beneath the cover between it and your car's paint. This dirt will, even with soft materials, work against the car the same as if the material had wax on it, but in this case will scratch your clear. Our nylon straps feature hidden buckles in pockets at the bottom of the cover just in front of the front wheels and just behind the rear wheels. Snap them in one side, walk to the other side, and then snap and pull tight.
  7. STORM rated protection - this is the highest level of protection available. HOWEVER, please note that because this is a lightweight cover, it is not THICK and cushiony like some covers so it will not protect against hard items (rocks or other car's doors) striking your car. The cover will protect your paint, but there will likely be a dent or ding (depending on the force of the impact and the size of the object).
  8. EXTRA low coverage of wheels and tires for MAXIMUM protection.
  9. NON-ABSORBENT - This cover does not absorb water like most covers. When wet, just shake off the water and put the cover in its bag to contain any slight excess water not shaken off. This cover is not a sponge.
  10. Rubberized pocketed eyelets for cable and lock.
  11. LOCK AND CABLE KIT is included
  12. STORAGE BAG is included
  13. ONE LOGO OF CHOICE included (additional logos are $20 each). Logos can be placed on rear and front of the cover and on the storage bag. Instead of a logo, text (such as custom license plate text in Block font) can be included.
  14. PATENTED STRAP SYSTEM is included.
  15. DETAILED care and instruction booklet (including Washing the cover) is included.
This is a superior cover with many features for the price. Visit our website for pictures of the covers we developed for various Trans Ams, C5 Corvette, and the Buick Grand National.


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I just purchased a set for my CTS-V along with a trunk mat and one set seat belt cushion.
Rich was very helpful

Joe Salvucci
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