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CTS Brakes dust

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Re: CTS Brake dust
I recently purchased a 2010 CTS Sportwagon. What a wonderful vehicle, only ruined by the horrible front wheel brake dust. What a shame. I have had a lot of cars in my 60 years and none, (barring my daughter's Dodge Caravan) have ever produced brake dust like this CTS. Is anyone else annoyed by this issue? Has anyone found the solution to either eliminating, or "easy" cleaning (my finger is wearing out).
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ceramic is the way to go since the dust particles don't get electrically charged they don't stick to the wheel nearly as much (plus ceramic is a lighter color usually)

you've apparently never owned a BMW since just about every idiot Bimmer owner i see around town here has black front wheels and silver rear wheels

as you drive around look at other vehicles and notice how much brake dust they've got
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