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Hello everyone ,

Sorry for another post on this topic but I need your advice for me very specific case.

So to make it short I have a 2003 CTS 3.2 with the sport/luxury package.

Since 1 year approximately I had from time to time the stabilitrac engaged message with the undesirable behavior in the trajectory by breaking wheel and very rarely the service stabilitrac message.

One day I was able to have my ODB2/ABS reader in the car as the "service stabilitrac" was showing and I was able to read the code :

C1125 : Excessiv front left wheel speed.
C1283 : Excessiv time on center position for the wheel.

After checking the connector on my front left wheel hub , I erased the code and test if it was any better , I pretty quickly get the problem again but only the C1125.

So I just ordered a new left front wheel hub and change it.

After the change I made a lot of test and wasn't able to reproduce the "service stabilitrac" but "stabilitrac engaged" keep happening around 35mph (but may not be pretty important) and mostly when I'm driving straight line. When I feel the car breaking and some rattle on the pedals I can also engage abs when I start to gently brake sometimes.

I tried to read live data and what I found is that when it's happening , wheel speed on each wheel seems to be pretty ok now , but what is more concerning is that the roughness road value (when the stabilitrac engaged) is suddenly showing a pic in value : (in normal condition around 0.03- 0.1G , here I read value like 0.991G).

In my point of view this information is causing the engagement of stabilitrac but is it the right way to read it or is it because of the stabilitrac engagement that this value rise like that ?

My second question is : where is this data coming from , is it linked to a "yaw sensor" or this value is just determined from wheel speed informations ?

Unfortunately my device don't allow me to read wheel (driver wheel) sensor data (on car older than 2013) but tried to do some 8 with light braking as I read here but wasn't able to engaged or default the stabilitrac ?

What are your advice based on that ?

Thank you in advance :)
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