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My USB is not working in the center console. 2012 cts coupe. The Cadillac dealership is telling me i need to buy a new cable. One end has a USB with a 3.5mm jack and the other end is a chager connection for an Iphone 4. In addition they said I need to go to Best Buy and buy another cable that has an Iphone 4 connector on one end and the lighting style connector (for any new apple products in the last two years or so) on the other end. Is this really what i have to do if I want to charge my phone with the console USB?
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Good morning robertware,

I’m glad to hear that the dealership was able to provide you with this information, and I understand how you would want to check for other resolutions the rest of the forum may have. You may also want to contact our infotainment team at 855-428-3669. They are available from 8am to 10pm EST, seven days a week, and may have some additional solutions for you to look into.

Hope you find this information helpful,

Austin J.
Cadillac Customer Care
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