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It happened to me 4 days ago. My CTS 2008 check engine light came on and the car has only 23,000 miles on it. I took it to the dealer and they told me that I only have 3 quarts of oil in the engine (I change oil each 5,000 miles) and because of low oil level the timing chains got loose. They changed the timing chains and now everything is OK, hopefully, and I had to change the oil as well. Before the problem occurred the “oil engine life” was reading 65% and I thought that everything is OK but unfortunately I was not aware that a good oil life does not mean that the oil level is where it should be.

The big advice the dealer gave me is that I have to check my oil engine every month because according to him this CTS DI engine consumes a quart of oil each 2000-2500 miles. I told him if this is normal and he said yes.

He also mentioned that one of the problems in the CTS is that people confuse “engine oil life” with “oil level” and that the CTS does not have a light to indicate if oil level is down and the only way to check it is to look at the oil stick in the engine.

To summarize, if you own a CTS 2008 and beyond please check the oil level each month.
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