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Here is the new build that Jesse and I are doing.
Everything that can swap over will be utilized.
Should be quick. :thumbsup:

Callies dragon slayer crank, sent out for
swain coating, xray for stress. extra material
removed to save weight Forged with 4.0

LSX racing bl... LSX racing engine block, sent out for xray
after final bore, magnufluxed, checked for
any flaws, extra material removed.

Callies 1500 i... compstar I beam rod forged 1500hp+ 4340
material with ARP upgraded bolts sent in for xray

Wiseco 4.155 bore -23 cc supercharged
pistons with gas relief ports, weight
reduction, valve clearanced for ls7 head,
sent off for piston coating for high heat/boost/ nitrous levels.

GFX High powered nitrous/high boost ring set for
4.155 bore pistons

Arp main studs for lsx block HD for 1500hp

New Melling high volume high pressure pump with
25% more volume than stock lsa

Durabond Racing Cam bearings for lsx block

ACL rod bearings, High output load acl bearings

ACL main bearings, Main bearings for standard bore
compcams magnum LS7 style 3/8" pushrods
larger diameter for higher spring pressures

Fully CNC ported LS7-based cylinder heads! (All New GM LS7 Cylinder Head Castings or Performance Inductions 6 Bolt LS7 Heads).700" Lift Double Spring Kit, 2.250"/1.61" Titanium Intake\Stainless Exhaust.

Cometic 4.16 head gasket copper engine assem... blueprint, assemble Lsx racing engine to exact racing specs.

New flexplate... 6Bolt hd flex plate for 6l90e trans to mate to
dragonslayer 58x with 6 new bolts

ls7 to ls3 intake. Mates ls7 heads to lsa intake design ls7 head part kit contains lash caps for titanium valves, ls7 specific rocker arms at 1.8 ratio, rocker arm
bolts, spring locators, and upgraded valve

Nitrous direct port up to 400 shot.

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Power will be limited in first gear and on take off. Just like i did to make it so he had a 1.4~ 60ft off idle last time.. I hope.... It is going to be a crazy week build as long as all the parts come in time and i get all the extra stuff done. It has to be a in and out in a few day setup so ill be busy busy for a few days when the car gets dropped off. Motor is set to handle 1400hp, so at 1000 hp with the juice it should get interesting. Hopefully it wont take much juice.

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And you are going to daily drive this beast?

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Not sure just yet. I will try it with stock suspension and see what happens.
Keeping your V as your daily driver was/is one of your previously stated priorities. Has that changed, or do you think that this build will allow nice mellow operations when wanted?

Congrats Curtis! Sounds like it's going to be a great build. Good luck!


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It will still be driven every day. It should even get more gas mileage once broken in. My exact build in my older car gets high 20s. It will just be smooth power all the way thru the rpms when he wants it. When the valve is open there is no boost so it just acts like a calm stock motor. Just as before. But stronger.

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And my gearhead friends think I am crazy!! :bows::bows::bows: Can't wait to show them video of this.
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