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I'm assuming a lot of commonality with the other CT6 trim levels. These pics are for anyone who hasn't had a chance to jump under the car when it's in the air. Starting from the rear and walking forward...

1) Rear view of the exhaust, rear steering actuator, differential and fuel tank. Note the mechanism above the inboard tailpipes on each side; that's the actuator for the valve in the exhaust that changes the sound. The rear steering actuator is hiding behind the dimpled heat shield in front of the gray stamped floor pan, with the differential in front of that. Fuel tank forward of the differential; note that it wraps over the driveshaft and exhaust and takes up space from side to side on the car for even weight distribution.

2) Closer view of right rear suspension.


3) Differential and rubber isolating driveshaft coupler.

4) Forward exhaust pipes and transfer case mount.

5) Tight fit between transmission case and front drive shaft.

6) Left engine mount.

7) Left front suspension. Love the wishbone design over the front axle shaft! The plastic grid inboard of the tire is the exit of the turbo intercooler ducting.

8) Intercoolers on each side of the front with ducts in the front bumper that flow through into the wheel well area.

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Thanks, I'm gonna change my oil soon, looks like access is good. I'm gonna bring some sprays for rubber & plastic and also Naval Jelly to treat potential rust spots. and generally do some cleaning on mine. Local place called U-Do-It rents lifts and tools for $25 hour which will make it easy to poke around under the V.
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