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2014 ATS 3.6L AWD Performance
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I haven't seen many reviews of the non-V, so this is interesting from Car & Driver. It's a Premium Luxury with the 2.7T...about which they conclude thusly:
The CT4 offers solid performance, more interior space than most of its competitors, and its interior design is a leap forward, but it's sabotaged by refinement deficiencies and disappointing dynamics. It is a good small sedan, but in Premium Luxury guise, it falls short of its more refined and fun-to-drive German rivals. a nearly 180-degree spin from the take on ATS when it launched?

One interesting change to note for the review, they say...
All CT4s come with an 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen, and Cadillac says a larger screen is on the way.
...and sure enough, for 2021 the center screen grows from 8" to 10", to match what the CT5 already started with. So that will be one more positive for the interior, especially when matched with the fully-digital 12" cluster that's coming.

So I guess that when I'm next in the market to replace my ATS, I can start by eliminating all 2020 CT4s from my list of candidates, as well as all CT4s with the 2.0T :rolleyes: I don't necessarily want a bigger car, but for me, a CT5 with the 3.0TT is way more appealing than anything less than a CT4-V BW at this stage.
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