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CT4 Blackwing racecar (Edited by Moderator)

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SCCA race car in what class? Road race or time trials (or both)?
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I joined just to watch this thread. Does anyone know the differences in the rear spring rate between the stock 4BW and the 84004133 part? Also, is the eLSD cal the same as the GMPP version for the Camaro?

I just looked and that spring part number seems to be discontinued.
Does that mean you have traded the 5BW for the 4BW? Or is that still an 'underconsideration' move?
I'm definitely keeping the 5BW, I'm just hesitant to beat it up too much on track and I'm really afraid of the replacement costs of the CCB rotors. The 4BW would be something I'm less concerned about beating up on track but it would still be a road car and my C7 would still be my primary track car.
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Any news or new pictures? How about the curb weight now that it's gutted with a cage?
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