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CST-V Calipers and Rotors on SRX sport with 20"

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So I need new brakes for my SRX and thought why not upgrade to the CTS-V brake setup. Found some OLD threads stating that the rotors are a problem, but nothing new. Has anyone done this? What do I need to do it?
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Cone, I remember you posted that pic of your Eclipse? Is your the gst or gsx? Sorry if i guessed the wrong car entirely.

To add on my experience with Big Brake Kits, I did a NSX BBK conversion in my old Honda Prelude. Compared to those tiny little honda brakes that made my SRX stock brakes look like bbk's, I couldn't tell a difference in everyday driving. I don't do any autox so if there was any benefit there, it wouldn't have matter.
It's a Talon lol

I have no issue with people doing it for bling, just don't lead people to believe they are going to stop like a race car, bling is cool. I did the BBK for a challenge (like I need another) and just too look cool, I told myself I needed it so my wife would be safe when towing in the mountains and I could get the pads I wanted, all crap, all true but all crap lol

I did the research as well to make sure the bias and pressure would be ok and not cause any under steer or lock up issues before I did it, I also machined some of the parts myself and took some risks buying stuff I had no idea would work, I also have to overbuild everything so I went the extra kilometer and made sure it was done really well and safe.

Companies are in the market to make money and sell parts, I just wish they would be upfront and say hey this may not help on the street to stop you but dude it will look awesome.

Racing is a whole different game, brake once is great but over and over again then it gets fun with small brakes.
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Props for doing it. About the whole wife thing..LOL ditto
The only reason we have an 09 is because I told her the Tcase was making noise so we should get rid of the 04.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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