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CST-V Calipers and Rotors on SRX sport with 20"

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So I need new brakes for my SRX and thought why not upgrade to the CTS-V brake setup. Found some OLD threads stating that the rotors are a problem, but nothing new. Has anyone done this? What do I need to do it?
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i need new brakes and I'm extremely interested in the same exact concept. can you tell me where you can find these gm parts (cts-v brembo calipers)? ?and then just lookup cts-v?
i have an '04 SRX AWD V8 w/ 20" Arelli rims on P275R20 45 Eagle GT II. I'm looking to upgrade my brakes and welcome all recommendations.
thank you, TJ
I appreciate both views and the concise input, thank you guys.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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