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CST-V Calipers and Rotors on SRX sport with 20"

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So I need new brakes for my SRX and thought why not upgrade to the CTS-V brake setup. Found some OLD threads stating that the rotors are a problem, but nothing new. Has anyone done this? What do I need to do it?
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Not sure I agree with all of that, some of it yes but not all.

Tires are still the biggest limiting factor of the brake system.

Going to a big brake setup may stop better but unless you need the extra mass for heat issues just stick with good pads and call it a day, now if you want some bling then rock on as they do look cool :)
You have to watch the brake bias and the pedal effort may change with different caliper square area as well as travel but one would not know unless you got all the specs, but it may all be so small you would not notice.

But if you have all this killer stopping power up front the car may want to understeer a bit more but the ABS should pick it up anyway, if you can lock up the brakes then is more stopping power needed?

People should have no problems saying "I want big brakes because they look sweet", the SRX does not NEED big brakes but nor does it need 20's but we have them for looks.
This is not on my short list of mods, I will do pads and thats it.

I have too many other things to spend my mod money on that will give me more results.
I have some somewhere but pics are hard to post here and no one really cared.

Search for big brake and you will find my thread, it had some pictures in it. I took the setup off for the winter and so I can make proper spacers and stuff but it worked and worked well, looks very cool but needs 18's (I think) or 20's to clear.
My SRX brakes just fine.

What parts did you use to do your brake job with?

You making blanket statements like "these cars eat brakes like no other car I have owned" is just as bad.....

Lets compare apples to apples and make sure your braking system works right.

I completed the BBK and found it worked very well and had a good pedal feel, I don't think I picked up a pile of brake improvement. If I don't sell the kit I will do a stop test and get some real world data on the same day same car same wheels.

The biggest upgrade is still pads all day long.
Too add to my post and I have said it before, the tires end up being the factor here.

I think my 09 stops great and has a nice feel, it has a recent flush and bleed as well with all stock parts.
Don't get me wrong I like the bling of big brakes but the reality is they are not doing that much, then toss in the cheap tires people buy that last for 10 years cause they are so hard and big brakes are the last thing that will make you stop faster.
Too add to that.

I have been a very active AutoXer for over 15 years and bigger brakes are way down on the list, you never get enough heat into them to need bigger brakes and it is just extra un sprung weight. My racecar has 6 piston calipers up front, I don't think I need them but they look cool and the stock stuff was all rusty and ugly. I also have huge sticky tires that can take advantage of extra braking, but the really cool thing about going to race calipers is great choice of pad compound and you get to use huge thick pads that don't ever wear out :)

If you can lock up your brakes now do you need more brake? If you can't lock up your tires then you brakes don't suck they don't work.
It's a Talon lol

I have no issue with people doing it for bling, just don't lead people to believe they are going to stop like a race car, bling is cool. I did the BBK for a challenge (like I need another) and just too look cool, I told myself I needed it so my wife would be safe when towing in the mountains and I could get the pads I wanted, all crap, all true but all crap lol

I did the research as well to make sure the bias and pressure would be ok and not cause any under steer or lock up issues before I did it, I also machined some of the parts myself and took some risks buying stuff I had no idea would work, I also have to overbuild everything so I went the extra kilometer and made sure it was done really well and safe.

Companies are in the market to make money and sell parts, I just wish they would be upfront and say hey this may not help on the street to stop you but dude it will look awesome.

Racing is a whole different game, brake once is great but over and over again then it gets fun with small brakes.
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The only reason we have an 09 is because I told her the Tcase was making noise so we should get rid of the 04.
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