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CST-V Calipers and Rotors on SRX sport with 20"

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So I need new brakes for my SRX and thought why not upgrade to the CTS-V brake setup. Found some OLD threads stating that the rotors are a problem, but nothing new. Has anyone done this? What do I need to do it?
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I'm new to the forum, but not new to the SRX. I'm on my third SRX V8 AWD (04', 07',08'). To the guys saying that SRX brakes, and brake performance is good, or even acceptable is a questionable statement at best! These cars eat brakes like no other car I have owned (except for the equally under-braked Taurus SHOs). For those that feel increasing rotor size is negligable when it comes to braking power, you should do some research before you speak. You are passing along information that is not helpful, to those who may not know much either. Saying that an OE put good parts into a car out of a social conscience, is naive. They are concerned more with profit, than performance. I had to rent a Ford F-150 this weekend, and the brakes on it were far superior in feel, and perceived performance than the SRX! That was shameful. Did I mention that I had to replace all four corners with pads a rotors at 29K! The new ones are warped already!....
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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