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CST-V Calipers and Rotors on SRX sport with 20"

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So I need new brakes for my SRX and thought why not upgrade to the CTS-V brake setup. Found some OLD threads stating that the rotors are a problem, but nothing new. Has anyone done this? What do I need to do it?
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Brakes are the number one safety device on your vehicle. SRX brakes are quite good OEM and should be replaced with same when worn. What you are trying to do is in effect, replacing only some of the braking components since you are probably not making changes to TCS, Stabilitrak, ABS, brake lines & reservoir etc. This will lead to unpredictable brake and or vehicle behavior and thus should NEVER be attempted. SRX brakes were designed with the vehicle weight, driving characteristics and stopping distances in mind, while your solution does not do any of this. Please reconsider for those of us who have to share the road with you.
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