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Cruise Servo Camapaign

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I took my '86 Fleetwood in for an emissions test today, which it failed. CO, HC and NOx were all high. This is a bummer since this car always passed without any problems.

Anyway, I removed the carb to check the EGR tubes in the intake and found the lt side plugged and the rt side almost completely plugged.

When I had the carb off, I noticed the cruise servo bracket was completely worn through by the rod. There was a campaign that adresses this concern. I called the dealer and they did a campaign search and it was open, meaning that it had not been done.

I remember doing these campaigns when I was at the dealer, which included installing a metal clip on the servo and a new spring clip on the rod. But, I have never seen one rub through like this. I completely removed the rod so that it would not jamb the throttle open if the rod fell out of the servo and onto the intake manifold.

Has anyone had any experience where this has happened, and what did the dealer do? Just go ahead and install the clip, or replace the servo?

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